HOP, PIG AND RAW MILK meet the supplier event

Once a month we do a one off supper club or tasting. We have just washed down the walls after Lucas Hollweg’s supper, which was a joyful supper for 30 people, 4 courses with aperitifs, wine and a sparkling mead to finish.

Next up, on Sunday the 28th June, we are hosting Hop, Pig and Raw Milk. We have asked three of our favourite suppliers. Evin the Kernel Brewery and David from Blackwoods Dairy, to do a tasting of ales and raw milk cheeses and then to finish off with a roasting of pork belly supplied by The Butchery butchers in Bermondsey.

We are planning on tasting 4 cheeses with 4 ales. Evin and David know each other of old, so along with talking about their own artisan methods, they will be tasting the ales with the cheeses to see how they pair off. We feel it only a good thing then to finish off the evening with a slow roasted pork belly, which we are looking to marinade in the Kernel’s IPA, London honey and molasses. It will also need to go on the grill at some point for that touch of smokiness.

We are really fortunate to have some of leaders in their craft within a 5 mile radius of Peckham and this evening will be special.


Price : £15 per head

Date and time: Sunday 28th June, 6pm till late

Place   Peckham refreshment Rooms

Unit 4 , 12 to 16 Blenheim Grove

Peckham SE154QL

We will also open the bar for cash sales if you want to carry on after the





Lucas Hollweg, food writer, Sunday Times columnist, a local and all round good chap is hosting an evening at the Refreshment Rooms of seasonal, British good things to eat.

We will be laying the dining room out with long tables and serving a 4 course feast with aperitif, a wine and a digestif.

This evening is a ticketed only event only. To book, please use;



Date:   Sunday  14th June

Timings:  7pm start till late

Price:   £35

To book:   https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/supper-club-with-lucas-hollweg-tickets-16747450074


An aperitif – Lady Grey Southside


Broad beans, Blackwoods hard cows cheese, salt


Cucumber gazpacho with lovage


 Roast spring chicken with its juices


Rosemary and garlic potatoes

Served with a glass of Giffford’s Hall Rose 2013


Gin and elderflower sorbet, fruit compote, Peckham malt biscuit

Served with a glass of Glosnells Mead


( a pic of Lucas looking dashing)

Coleman coffee


We are very lucky to work with Jack Coleman who sources, roasts and delivers coffee to us.

Jack roasts on a modified 1950, Vienna made, Otto Swadio roaster. It produces 3.5kg of roasted beans per batch which at that volume  allows the coffee to be lightly roasted to the point of releasing the coffees oils without over powering the coffees flavours with heavy burnt and bitter flavours.

The blend Jack does for us is 60% Brazil santa Ines as the base. Full bodied, caramel-y and nutty with low acidity. This is topped up with 40% of Guatemala Finca La Bolsa with a much more dynamic , fruit flavours which gives the coffee it’s brightness.

The coffee will have slight variance in flavour from batch to batch reflecting the nature of the bean and the lower roast the bean is given. That is its joy.

Things in 3’s

is one of those numbers that have a magic about them. Things in 3 create a tension, an interest and a strength, and this is  true in cooking.

We are always looking to build structures of flavours, to have a complex structure but not too much to  baffle the taste buds. So 3 building blocks of flavours answers all the above and is what we look for in our dishes.

One of our first and enduring dishes and a good example is the simple, Crottin de chevere, roasted tomatoes which are roasted together on a oak board in the oven and then served with tapenade. A lactic sourness from the cheese, sweetness from the tomatoes and bitterness from the olives. Magic



 (photography by Gareth Sambidge Photography)

Balthazar Bread


We  are lucky enough to be supplied by Balthazar Bakery. Balthazar is a very special French restaurant in the heart of Covent garden, but it is their bakery that we turned when we were setting up the bar and their were two things we needed . Firstly, to have bread for the table that stood up in it ‘s own right   and secondly for our breakfast we needed to make  a killer cooked breakfast and bacon sandwich.

I was lucky enough to work with Mr MacNally for a time and  saw the bakery being built and fired up. For me it ticked all the boxes. Jon Rolfe the head baker, soft hands and a generous spirit. The use of the classic French sour dough method mixed with some tradition English   techniques and finally  a strong local connection with the bakery being in Lambeth North.


The two breads we have now heavily connected with and we are never without, are  the famous Pain Seigle, the Balthazar  classic rye bread that uses  a 2 day  sour dough base using the Kernel’s IPA beer as a base for it’s dough . Secondly the  bread we use for our breakfast, the Paysanne . It’s Jon’s recipe,  with its roots in English baking. To a sour dough base is  added   roasted potatoes, caramelised onions and a touch of honey  balancing the sourness of the dough and the bitterness of the crust. That with heavily smoked Alsace bacon, the deep yellow yolks of Burford brown eggs or spiced Merguez sausage is that killer breakfast.

If you want to buy the bread then the Balthazar Boulangerie in Covent Garden is, i think the only retail outlet

          (photograph by Gareth Sambidge Photography).