As part of celebration of New Seasons Regional British Cheese Event on Mondays 16th & 30th March, we will be starting with a cheese board. On that we will be having 5 cheeses made from this seasons early spring milk and 2014 rich pasture summer milk.



Britain+Cow+TunworthFor our New Seasons Cheese event, Tunworth will be part of the main course. We will be dampening the cheese with white wine and baking for 10min until it is oozing and incredibly velvety in texture. This will be served with home baked gammon, new season’s potatoes and bitter leaves.

It is a pasteurised cows cheese from Hampshire. It is a soft blooming cheese – its melting edges cling to the fudge centre. This is a great leap forward for British cheese, taking on French styles of cheesemaking but with a distinctly English edge. Light earthy brassica vegetal notes come through, sharing the nutty or earthy flavours of a Camembert.

To book, email us on: events@peckhamrefreshment.com



In collaboration with La Fromagerie, we are holding a supper celebrating British cheeses, paired with English wines and an aperitif.

The cheeses will show off the broad selection of home grown cheeses that are eating at their best in March.

This evening is a ticketed event only.

To book, please email us: events@peckhamrefreshment.com

WHEN:  Monday 18th & 30th March

TIME:  7pm start

Price:  3 courses with 2 glasses of wine, £35 per person



Spiced Poire Salty Dog



Innes Buttons


Kirkham Lancashire


Beenliegh Blue



Baked Tunworth

Roasted gammon with orange and grapefruit

New seasons potatoes

Bitter greens



Goats curd with confit grapefruit and Yorkshire rhubarb


The rhubarb season is in full swing and the Yorkshire rhubarb that has made its way to our kitchen is in top notch condition. It snaps with freshness when you bend it. Also we shave it and then quickly and sharply poach it in a sugar syrup till it comes out a vibrant candy pink, slightly alarming when you are used to the out of season stuff turning a dull tan as soon as it hits the pan.

Below is our recipe for rhubarb and ginger jam. It is 100% necessary to use preserving jam which sets the liquid quickly meaning you don’t have to boil the hell out of it get the jammy texture.



2kg rhubarb

2kg preserving jam

20g fresh ginger, grated

juice from 3 lemons (do it to taste as it depends on how sweet the rhubarb is)


1. wash the rhubarb and chop into thumb nail chunks

2. weigh out the sugar, pour over the rhubarb and mix throughly. Allow to steep until all the sugar has melted, usually about 3 hours

3. Put the sugared rhubarb and ginger into a solid bottom pan and on full heat boil the fruit. Stir every so while to stop it sticking and ensure it doesn’t start splattering over the top. This is definitely an apron wearing exercise!

4. Boil for about 40min, but I also start checking at 30min. Add the lemon juice and taste.

5. Do the wrinkle setting test on a plate (cold from the fridge) and bottle in a sterilised preserving jar.

MARCH 2015

DSCF_4766At last the death of winter and the first signs of new growth. I can never quite remember the order of the spring bulbs. I think it goes snow drops, crocuses, wild garlic, first of the daffy and then blue bells. Well the first of the snowdrops is out in our  garden in Peckham, so i think it is time to celebrate new seasons English food.

So for March we will be doing that at the bar. For the month of March we will be looking at season British produce that reflects the diversity of the British landscape.

Moorlands From the Yorkshire Moors we will be sourcing  Muntjac deer for venison to be roasted and served with spiced fruit.

Woodlands Sourced from woods in around Sussex, Surrey and Kent, we will be stocking wild garlic. A great base for an English pesto or in salads with fresh goats cheeses.

Hedgerows Looking to use wild nettles and bittercresses to make soups or to go in salads or to go with grilled fish

Coastal Waters We use Southbank Fish mongers based in South London. They deal deal directly with the coastal ports in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. The fish is caught and landed in the morning, shipped up to London and then on your plate the next day. They also have good access to fish from day trawlers that mean that the fish is caught in sustainable quantities and delivered with optimum freshness. We will be looking to get sardines to be grilled and served simply with lemon and sea salt. Razor clams, to be served with wild garlic, and Alsace bacon. Also cockles, quickly steamed and served with garlic, butter and parsley.

New seasons fruit and Vegetables Both spring greens and purple sprouting broccoli will be on the menu. The later served with wild garlic, roasted garlic and pickled walnuts. The last of the forced rhubarb and the first of the out door crop means that we can make rhubarb and ginger jam and shaved rhubarb served with a buttermilk pudding as a dessert.

New Seasons Goats Cheese  Yes goats do have seasons. They are commonly  kept indoors over winter and often not milked. Then in late February, early March are turned out onto the new pasture. The cheese that can be made from their milk is the brightest and freshest with lots of citric flavours, it is a moment in time that we will be celebrating

Glorious Parmesan


This is  the 2 year old unpasturized Parmesan that we get from the Ham and cheese Company in Bermondsey.They have found the cheese after various trips and relentless searching  in and around the Parma Apennines.

This is terroir at it’s keenness.Romantic i know, but the sweet, nutty flavour of the cheese with mild lactic sourness and hints of herb has a link to the herd of Swiss Brown Cows with their rich fatty milk, the 2 generations of farmer/ cheese maker who only makes 3 to 4 wheels a week. Their knowledge and know how of  growing the crops to feed the cows, to look at the milk every day, to  slightly tweak their method of making the cheese, to then allowing the 2 years to let the cheese do its thing is all there.

We serve this parmesan with an Italian mountain truffle honey and rye bread. It just makes you smile.

You will find The Ham and Cheese Company at Spa Terminus in Bermondsey.on Saturdays. http://thehamandcheeseco.com

( photography Gareth Sambidge Photography)