HOP, PIG AND RAW MILK meet the supplier event

Once a month we do a one off supper club or tasting. We have just washed down the walls after Lucas Hollweg’s supper, which was a joyful supper for 30 people, 4 courses with aperitifs, wine and a sparkling mead to finish.

Next up, on Sunday the 28th June, we are hosting Hop, Pig and Raw Milk. We have asked three of our favourite suppliers. Evin the Kernel Brewery and David from Blackwoods Dairy, to do a tasting of ales and raw milk cheeses and then to finish off with a roasting of pork belly supplied by The Butchery butchers in Bermondsey.

We are planning on tasting 4 cheeses with 4 ales. Evin and David know each other of old, so along with talking about their own artisan methods, they will be tasting the ales with the cheeses to see how they pair off. We feel it only a good thing then to finish off the evening with a slow roasted pork belly, which we are looking to marinade in the Kernel’s IPA, London honey and molasses. It will also need to go on the grill at some point for that touch of smokiness.

We are really fortunate to have some of leaders in their craft within a 5 mile radius of Peckham and this evening will be special.


Price : £15 per head

Date and time: Sunday 28th June, 6pm till late

Place   Peckham refreshment Rooms

Unit 4 , 12 to 16 Blenheim Grove

Peckham SE154QL

We will also open the bar for cash sales if you want to carry on after the



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