Lucas Hollweg, food writer, Sunday Times columnist, a local and all round good chap is hosting an evening at the Refreshment Rooms of seasonal, British good things to eat.

We will be laying the dining room out with long tables and serving a 4 course feast with aperitif, a wine and a digestif.

This evening is a ticketed only event only. To book, please use;


Date:   Sunday  14th June

Timings:  7pm start till late

Price:   £35

To book:


An aperitif – Lady Grey Southside


Broad beans, Blackwoods hard cows cheese, salt


Cucumber gazpacho with lovage


 Roast spring chicken with its juices


Rosemary and garlic potatoes

Served with a glass of Giffford’s Hall Rose 2013


Gin and elderflower sorbet, fruit compote, Peckham malt biscuit

Served with a glass of Glosnells Mead


( a pic of Lucas looking dashing)


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