Gammon, baked Tunworth and bitter leaf salad


This is the main course for the new seasons British Isle cheese menu. Lets not dress it up to something it’s not. Basically it is a ploughman’s but with knobs on. It is just an utterly joyful board of food.

The ham: a smoked gammon boiled and glazed with a rhubarb and grapefruit marmalade

The cheese: the soft blooming rind Tunworth cheese at the point of maturity that it begins to release its poignant notes that we have baked with a little white wine till it begins to ooze.

The salad: Bitter italian treviso leaves, wild garlic, shredded endive and cress with a light mustard dressing

The chutney: Actually it is the rhubarb and grapefruit marmalade served in a pot, but the bitter sweetness rides the poignancy of the tunworth

Crouton: simply there to scoop up the bits.


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