The rhubarb season is in full swing and the Yorkshire rhubarb that has made its way to our kitchen is in top notch condition. It snaps with freshness when you bend it. Also we shave it and then quickly and sharply poach it in a sugar syrup till it comes out a vibrant candy pink, slightly alarming when you are used to the out of season stuff turning a dull tan as soon as it hits the pan.

Below is our recipe for rhubarb and ginger jam. It is 100% necessary to use preserving jam which sets the liquid quickly meaning you don’t have to boil the hell out of it get the jammy texture.



2kg rhubarb

2kg preserving jam

20g fresh ginger, grated

juice from 3 lemons (do it to taste as it depends on how sweet the rhubarb is)


1. wash the rhubarb and chop into thumb nail chunks

2. weigh out the sugar, pour over the rhubarb and mix throughly. Allow to steep until all the sugar has melted, usually about 3 hours

3. Put the sugared rhubarb and ginger into a solid bottom pan and on full heat boil the fruit. Stir every so while to stop it sticking and ensure it doesn’t start splattering over the top. This is definitely an apron wearing exercise!

4. Boil for about 40min, but I also start checking at 30min. Add the lemon juice and taste.

5. Do the wrinkle setting test on a plate (cold from the fridge) and bottle in a sterilised preserving jar.


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