Fondue with La Fromagerie

We are really fortunate to be supplied French cheeses by the lovely people at La Fromagerie on Moxon St in Marylebone. They are the only north of the river supplier we use, but whist they are the furthest from us they are the nearest we have to some of the greatest regional cheeses of France and Switzerland. Pat and Sarah have also been huge influences on us in how and why the relentless search for good food is as important as breathing. Go to their cheese room and learn about food, culture, joy and pleasure.

In January and February, to warm our souls,  we have turned to the High Mountains of the Alps, with the heart warming melted cheese and wine warmed and served in a fondue pot. Below is the La Fromagerie recipe that we have used on our Fondue evenings at the bar


400g Emmental de Savoie

300g Comte d’Estive

300g La Cousin

Half a Reblouchon ( rind removed)

1 clove garlic

1 bottle dry white wine

freshly ground pepper

25ml kirsch


Grate the cheese and ensure is at room temperature before cooking. Rub the garlic over the inside of a heavy bottom pan. Pour 1 glass of wine into the pan and bring it up to bubbling point. Lower the heat and then slowly add the cheese bit by bit and keep stirring ( hold the reblouchon back). When all the cheese has been added and melted together . add the reblouchon, stir in the pepper and pour into your heated fondue set. To serve, pour kirsch over the cheese and serve with boiled potato, baguette and or broccoli.


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