Coleman coffee


We are very lucky to work with Jack Coleman who sources, roasts and delivers coffee to us.

Jack roasts on a modified 1950, Vienna made, Otto Swadio roaster. It produces 3.5kg of roasted beans per batch which at that volume  allows the coffee to be lightly roasted to the point of releasing the coffees oils without over powering the coffees flavours with heavy burnt and bitter flavours.

The blend Jack does for us is 60% Brazil santa Ines as the base. Full bodied, caramel-y and nutty with low acidity. This is topped up with 40% of Guatemala Finca La Bolsa with a much more dynamic , fruit flavours which gives the coffee it’s brightness.

The coffee will have slight variance in flavour from batch to batch reflecting the nature of the bean and the lower roast the bean is given. That is its joy.


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