Glorious Parmesan


This is  the 2 year old unpasturized Parmesan that we get from the Ham and cheese Company in Bermondsey.They have found the cheese after various trips and relentless searching  in and around the Parma Apennines.

This is terroir at it’s keenness.Romantic i know, but the sweet, nutty flavour of the cheese with mild lactic sourness and hints of herb has a link to the herd of Swiss Brown Cows with their rich fatty milk, the 2 generations of farmer/ cheese maker who only makes 3 to 4 wheels a week. Their knowledge and know how of  growing the crops to feed the cows, to look at the milk every day, to  slightly tweak their method of making the cheese, to then allowing the 2 years to let the cheese do its thing is all there.

We serve this parmesan with an Italian mountain truffle honey and rye bread. It just makes you smile.

You will find The Ham and Cheese Company at Spa Terminus in Bermondsey.on Saturdays.

( photography Gareth Sambidge Photography)


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