Balthazar Bread


We  are lucky enough to be supplied by Balthazar Bakery. Balthazar is a very special French restaurant in the heart of Covent garden, but it is their bakery that we turned when we were setting up the bar and their were two things we needed . Firstly, to have bread for the table that stood up in it ‘s own right   and secondly for our breakfast we needed to make  a killer cooked breakfast and bacon sandwich.

I was lucky enough to work with Mr MacNally for a time and  saw the bakery being built and fired up. For me it ticked all the boxes. Jon Rolfe the head baker, soft hands and a generous spirit. The use of the classic French sour dough method mixed with some tradition English   techniques and finally  a strong local connection with the bakery being in Lambeth North.


The two breads we have now heavily connected with and we are never without, are  the famous Pain Seigle, the Balthazar  classic rye bread that uses  a 2 day  sour dough base using the Kernel’s IPA beer as a base for it’s dough . Secondly the  bread we use for our breakfast, the Paysanne . It’s Jon’s recipe,  with its roots in English baking. To a sour dough base is  added   roasted potatoes, caramelised onions and a touch of honey  balancing the sourness of the dough and the bitterness of the crust. That with heavily smoked Alsace bacon, the deep yellow yolks of Burford brown eggs or spiced Merguez sausage is that killer breakfast.

If you want to buy the bread then the Balthazar Boulangerie in Covent Garden is, i think the only retail outlet

          (photograph by Gareth Sambidge Photography).


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