Williams’ thick cut marmalade


This is a recipe from Barbara Williams, my mother in law. There are many things that are handed down by the generations and this recipe and  the one for her bolognese, which I still cannot nail and my kids plead for every time they visit grandma, are two pearls. Barbara also introduced me to the bible of all bibles of the cookery world, The Readers Digest Cookery Year. It is 440 pages of all things basic and good, as well as some incredibly elaborate dishes. This marmalade is no nonsense and big in character. I boil the marmalade at full pelt which means you need to stir to stop the marmalade sticking but it gives the marmalade a clear and shiny finish.

INGREDIENTS 3lbs seville oranges, 6lbs sugar ( jam making), 6 pints water

METHOD 1. Put all the whole oranges into the water and bring to the boil, cook for one and half hours. Take the oranges out and strain and retain the water. 2. Cut the oranges in half, scoop out the pips and as little of the flesh as you can – put the scooped out flesh and pips onto a muslin sheet and tie into a bag. Slice the peel into strips. 3. Put the liquid back into the pan with the sugar, bring back to the boil. Add the peel and the muslin bag. Boil vigorously for approximately one hour until the jam is at setting point. 4. Sterilise jars and fill with hot marmalade and screw on the lids.


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