As a follow on to us looking to the Alps to help warm us up in January, we have swung our attention to the Northern Italian regions of Piedmont and Valle D’aosta, strangely one of the largest and smallest regions of the country.

The countryside is very diversified from the rugged peaks of the massifs of Monte Rose to the lower lying rice paddies of Novara. The river Po runs through the heart of the region, from which life an culture seems to spring. There is also large chunks  of National  Parks which gives good protection for game.

We have taken from all this that hearty is the word. Potatoes, polenta, and rye with truffles, games and cured meat both raw, lightly salted and air dried. Piedmont is know for it’s beef cattle, so cured beef will be on our menu.

Sweet wise. Chocolate and hazelnuts are  famously used  in Turin.


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