The misery of January, needs and deserves a tonic to limit the damage to the soul inflicted by  short, grey, wet days, post Christmas excess and the prospect of  4 more months till the darling buds of May.

Our tonic lies with indulgences that can be gained by the Alpine regions of central Europe. So for the months of January and February we are concentrating our efforts on the northern regions of Italy of Piedmont and Valle D’aosta and the central eastern regions of France of the Haute Savoie

What comes out of that on our menu?

A set menu Fondue with comte, gruyere and vacherin, with a glass of a dry and fruity sparkling pear wine

Tartiflette, ours with reblouchon baked with potatoes and onions

Grilled quail with roasted polenta and salsa verde

Carne salada, a cured filet of beef, quickly fried in a smoking pan but served pulsatingly raw

and cherries and comice pears steeped in eau de vie


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